When you arrive at a foreign service post

Useful tips:  Pack a sharp knife (wrapped in cloth napkins) and your own bedsheets in your suitcase when you move.

Now on to the dull details of my specifics…in case anyone out there might just happen to be feeling equally unsettled and uncertain in a new spot.

I’m slowly finding my footing here.  Figuring out how to grocery shop.  I made a real meal for dinner last night, which is rather un-heard-of for me.  I’m making a few friends in the neighborhood.  It’s still that part of feeling like I have to act nicer than I actually am, in order to make friends with everyone.  And then, at some point, I’ll start acting like my goofy self.

journalingFor now I have time to journal, time to meditate and time to start a blog.  All the things that have been on my ‘to-do’ list for years.  I have been pretty regular with the journaling.  I’ve been able to get meditations in (Thank you, Insight Timer app!) and tomorrow I’ve invited a friend over for yoga.  How shocking would it be if I actually found myself doing the things I said I would?

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