How it (honestly) feels to move to a foreign land with kids

This is the part of our lives when we spend 10 hours a day playing video games or watching My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic).  It’s been 2.5 weeks since landing in Baku and so far so good.  We’ve gotten out and seen a bit.  I went out dancing in the breathtakingly gorgeous ‘old city’ and 3 of four kiddos have made first contact with potential new friends.

The first 4-6 days were a depressive nightmare (not sure on the exact number of days because time & space were a blur there for spell).  No van, no friends, no idea how to call for a taxi or where I would even ask the driver to take us, if he did happen to understand English.  As you can see…it’s rather a predicament.  Add four kids to that, frequent weeping over homesickness and missed friends, plus screaming fast internet (yay!) so we can Skype chat and play Wii U with loved ones in NoVa.  Put it all together and there’s daily rounds of  mac n’cheese plus long days in front of screens.  Sigh.

And then you wonder what life would be like if everyone just lived in the same house…if the kids knew where the spoons were, if they were used to putting shoes away in the ‘shoes away type place’ that wasn’t always changing.  What on earth would life be like if there was some semblance of a morning routine that happened on a regular basis?  How would it feel to know what we were going to eat for dinner before 5:42pm?

But then the next part happens.  It gets better.  The new city skyline is pretty and tomatoes taste better here.  There’s good yogurt.  A neighbor walks by.  There’s kids at the playground.  The local cafe has LaVazza coffee.  I have hours to knit, read and meditate.  And more neighbors return from their summer vacations…which makes it feel less ghosty and actually pleasant.

So I’m optimistic and feeling certain we shall love it here.  We know where the spoons are.  *by the time they get in the habit of the shoe thing, we’ll be moving again.


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